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In Christ


Praise the Lord for the enlightening I have received! I contacted the local church in the beginning of 1999 after attending a denomination for ten years. After contacting the local church I began to realize that I was malnourished, and spiritually sick. I have discovered that Christ is my wonderful Savior and Husband and that He can save me to the uttermost (2 Corinthians 11:3; Hebrews 7:25). He is the High-Priest (Hebrews 3:1, 8:1) who dispenses His life into my spirit He heals my lacks.


In pursuit of my Christian life, I strive to run the race (Hebrews 12:1) and wish to overcome for God’s plan. The ministry in the local church has allowed me to have a deep meaning of baptism and consecration. Walking in His faith I overcame the anguish of the next day. He saves me from the issue of money. Praise the Lord, the God of the Hebrews for His faith, His grace, and His life. I am the clay and He is the potter (Romans 9:21). His word is life (John 6:63). He has risen to regenerate me with His precious life. Praise the Lord for His precious blood that cleanses my sins. Amen!




Church in Denton

We warmly invite you to join us at one of our meetings.

University of North Texas / Texas Woman's University

If you would like to get connected with other Christians on the University of North Texas and Texas Woman's University campuses, please contact us

Small Group Gatherings in the Homes

Church in Denton gathers together through out the week in differnt homes

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