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Enjoying Christ


Even though I was a Christian for three years, having been genuinely born again, I had no idea that I could enjoy Christ as my daily supply. Before I was saved, God was very objective and far away, but now Christ had come into me, yet my experience of Him and enjoyment of all His riches was almost nil.


When I started to meet with the believers in the church in Arlington, Texas, I noticed something that pervaded every gathering. The underlying theme and atmosphere was the enjoyment of this wonderful Person, Jesus Christ, and everyone seemed to have a fresh relationship with the Lord, no matter how long they had been saved. They had learned how to enjoy Christ in their daily life and I was impressed with my need to experience the Lord in a daily way as they did.


Soon afterwards I learned a big secret in how to enjoy the Lord Jesus in a very simple and practical way. Some of the ones, in the meetings and outside of the meetings, would speak the name of the Lord Jesus out loud and call upon Him. One day as I was driving down the road I started softly calling on the name of the Lord. As I spoke the Lord’s name, “Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus”, I started to get refreshed. I called on the name of the Lord for a few minutes and was thoroughly in the enjoyment of Christ. I could enjoy the Lord, too! He was so real and present—a far cry from just being an objective historical figure that I could only read about or “follow” outwardly.


Since that breakthrough day I have continued to practice calling on the name of the Lord (Romans 10:12) in every place (1 Corinthians 1:2) and have really experienced the joy of my salvation (Psalm 51:12). It is such an easy way to participate in all the riches of Christ (Ephesians 3:8). I am so thankful that Christ lives in me and that I can enjoy Him every day.




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